Testify Videos

Why the Chinese are Learning Arabic

Dec 20, 2016 0

Students from as far as China aren't just studying the Arabic language - they are learning its poetry, music and literature, dispelling their...

Understand Videos

Your Phone is Now a Refugee's Phone

Nov 1, 2016 0

If you had to flee your country, what would be the one piece of technology you would take with you? For most refugees, their smartphones are a...

Inspire Videos

1000 طريقة لكتابة 'لا'

Dec 23, 2016 0

بهية شهاب فنانة مصرية جمعت أكثر من 1000 طريقة لكتابة كلمة "لا" عبر التاريخ. استخدمت ذلك في التعبير عن موقفها من الثورة بلادها المصدر: تدكس تاريخ...

Engage Videos

Don't kill your (Arabic) language by Suzanne Talhouk (TedEx)

Dec 20, 2016 0

In this TED talk, Suzanne Talhouk makes an impassioned plea not to kill the Arabic language, or else we risk losing our heritage, shared history,...

Fun Videos

'The Prince' by Dayah Altaseh

Mar 13, 2017 0

Daya Altaseh are a group of four Syrians who produce satirical videos about ISIS, portraying them as bumbling, hypocritical fools. However, their...

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