About Samar

SAMAR is a media organisation based on a community of internet citizens. It builds on the two revolutions of the new generation: the dawn of the digital age, and the Arab uprisings.

SAMAR offers a radically different approach to information and citizenship in the Arab world. It uses videos to address the realities and underlying dynamics which are reshaping the Arab world, and to promote inspiring individuals and innovative projects which are determining the future of the region.

By offering viewers a role in the selection, production, funding, and evaluation of the video content available on the platform, SAMAR lets viewers become active citizens rather than merely consumers. The rights and obligations of citizens are defined in the SAMAR constitution, which also sets out the details of the functioning of the platform and guarantees its quality and independence.

SAMAR was originally created by a several friends who were fed up with the sensationalist news coverage of the Middle East, and galvanised into action by the Arab uprisings. After producing two successful video series, ‘Cartoonists of the Arab World’ and ‘Tahrir, My Revolution,’ they decided to take the project further by creating an internet community. SAMAR is a media for its citizens, by its citizens, reaching and benefiting as many people as possible.

On this platform, SAMAR brings you testimonies of people behind the headlines. SAMAR helps you to understand the real implications of ‘breaking news.’ SAMAR highlights the individuals and projects that inspire, and give the Arab world its beauty and dynamism. SAMAR engages in substantive issues, fighting to make a real change. SAMAR makes you think, dream, and act, but also make you smile and laugh, because fun is what it’s all about!