SAMAR Media’s ambition is to provide informative and entertaining video content related to the Arab world to the wider audience.

SAMAR aims to promote knowledge, arts and culture as well as the exchange of ideas and debates within its growing community of Web Citizens from the Arab region and diaspora. As a result, SAMAR wants the access to its video platform, web Apps and video content to remain free.

SAMAR’s growth and success therefore rely on the financial support of its Citizens, followers and backers which share SAMAR’s goals and values. SAMAR encourages you to support its video production and the development of its web community through donations. These donations can be made online via our Paypal account  below.

In order to guarantee SAMAR Media’s editorial independence and the diversity of its production, donations are accepted within the limit of 5% of SAMAR’s annual budget.

For 2015, SAMAR budget forecast is set at 200,000 USD. Therefore, all donations within the limit of 10,000 USD per donor/per year are most welcome.

Thank you in advance for your support!