Why is SAMAR different from other media?

SAMAR is a media organisation based on a community of internet citizens. It was first conceived of as response to mainstream media, and its biased coverage of the Arab world.

Through videos produced in Arabic, English, and French, SAMAR aims:

- to address the realities and underlying dynamics which are reshaping the Arab region, rather than covering simply the most sensational stories.

- to promote a more positive image of the Arab world and its people by promoting inspiring individuals and innovative projects

SAMAR is also a community of internet citizens throughout the Arab world and beyond, and aims to share knowledge and creation through videos with the widest number of viewers. SAMAR thus offers citizens access to quality video content on the region, and gives them an opportunity to share both their own video content and their favourite videos produced by others. They are also encouraged to exchange freely with their fellow citizens.

SAMAR citizens are invited to become active contributors to the development of SAMAR Media, their media, and to enjoy high quality information and debates that are not to be found in their home countries or on other sites.

What does becoming a SAMAR Citizen mean?

By becoming a SAMAR citizen, you join a community of equals. This community is active on the internet and united by the belief that the production and exchange of quality information, knowledge, and culture is crucial in empowering Arab citizens, reshaping the region, and changing its relationship with the rest of the world. Citizens see the power of arts and culture as tools to break down stereotypes and facilitate common feelings of understanding and belonging. They also value the positive impact of debate, and respect SAMAR Citizens’ differences and beliefs.


How can I become a SAMAR Citizen?

To become a SAMAR citizen, all you have to do is register on SAMAR’s platform here.

SAMAR citizenship is open to all existing and aspiring citizens of the Arab region and the Arab diaspora (which of course include people who do not define themselves as Arabs!). It is also open to all people who have an interest in the Arab world, want to learn more about it, and contribute to its future through constructive exchanges.

Each SAMAR citizen enjoys rights but also a limited number of obligations . All these rights and obligations are outlined in SAMAR CONSTITUTION that each SAMAR Citizen is invited to read carefully.


How can I communicate with other SAMAR Citizen?

You can communicate with other SAMAR citizens through commenting on videos produced by both SAMAR and SAMAR citizens. You can also pursue private conversations using SAMAR’s internal email system, and reach a wider audience via social media (FB, Twitter etc). 

Is the SAMAR Citizen community linked to social media?

Yes! You can also follow SAMAR Media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedn.

What about the real world?

Live events such as screenings, debates, and exhibitions will be organised in various cities, once enough SAMAR citizens have been identified. SAMAR also regularly associates itself with and promotes other events which share SAMAR’s values. SAMAR will shortly be implementing university outreach programmes aimed at engaging with students around the Arab world and beyond.

How is my right to privacy protected?

As a SAMAR citizen, your right to privacy is fully protected.

SAMAR commits not to share any details you provide us with to third parties. The only elements that will be shared on SAMAR platform (and on SAMAR platform only) are the SAMAR citizen name username, the country of citizenship you choose, and the profile picture you provide us with.

SAMAR citizens are encouraged to open a public profile on SAMAR platform. It is each SAMAR citizen’s responsibility to decide if they wish to share further personal information on their profile. In any case, the elements that the SAMAR citizen decides to share with its SAMAR fellow citizens will not be shared outside the SAMAR community.

We used advanced log in technology when creating this website, so you can use it securely with peace of mind.


Is SAMAR profit-making?

Yes, SAMAR believes that a media can be profit-making, ethical, and socially responsible. It also believes that a web community can only thrive and preserve its independency if it is able to generate its own revenues.

SAMAR’s transparency and accountability towards its Citizens will ensure that SAMAR doesn’t deviate from its original goals which are to inform, empower and entertain in an intelligent way. SAMAR citizens will also be able to observe that SAMAR proceeds are reinvested internally in order to offer SAMAR citizens the best media and digital citizenship experience.

SAMAR wants its development to be beneficial to its Citizens and SAMAR community as a whole. A portion of SAMAR annual net profits will be transferred to NGOs or social initiatives acting locally in the Arab region. Each year, 3 NGOs will be selected by SAMAR and its Citizens to benefit from its financial support and enhanced exposure under the WE SUPPORT section of SAMAR’s platform.

SAMAR is also conscious that the Arab world is facing tremendous challenges and that the creation of economic growth and jobs is a priority to overcome unemployment and poverty in the region. SAMAR trusts that the development of a quality media will enhance its Citizens’ profile, skills and employability. It is also willing to provide to its more active Citizens an enhanced exposure on the platform to help them share and develop their passions and skills. 

In order to ensure its editorial independency and the diversity of its programmes, SAMAR has opted to rely mostly on advertisements, through the sponsorship of its videos and the selling of advertising spaces on its platform. Thus, the sources of funding of SAMAR’s production are totally transparent, as they are put forward on SAMAR videos and platform. DONATIONS of limited amounts are also accepted and encouraged. Finally, occasional crowdfunding campaigns may be launched for the purposes of the funding of a particular project.

How was SAMAR born?

Samar was launched in the aftermath of the Arab Spring by friends who share a common passion for media and the Arab world. After two successful video series on Cartoonists of the Arab world and the Egyptian revolution, they were joined by five other individuals who held the same values and wanted to develop a new kind independent media. More details can be found here: CONTACT US


Qu’en est-il des activités de SAMAR dans le « monde réel » ?

Des événements, tels que des projections, débats ou expositions, seront organisés dans certaines villes une fois qu'un nombre conséquent de Citoyens SAMAR sera identifié. SAMAR peut également associer son nom à des événements qu'elle souhaite promouvoir lorsqu'ils sont porteurs de valeurs communes. Enfin, SAMAR a pour ambition d’élaborer des partenariats avec les universités afin d’inviter les étudiants du monde arabe et d’ailleurs à contribuer plus activement via la plateforme vidéo.