SAMAR Media – ‘Tahrir’, my revolution - Episode 5: Amr Aman

By SAMAR Media on 10/01/2016

SAMAR Media – ‘Tahrir’, my revolution Episode 5 – Amr Aman First Broadcasting: February 4 2013 Broadcasting: 01/09/2014 Born in a politically-oriented family (his father was a Nasser sympathizer and an Arab Nationalist), Amr describes himself as very pious. He was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. He left them however in 2009, when he realized their reluctance to confront Mubarak’s regime and their incapacity to devise a new program of change for Egypt. As the year 2013 is about to start, he explains that he has lost faith in the Old Guard of the Muslim Brothers and that his experience in Tahrir continues to transform him daily. He now counts on the Egyptian Youth to redress the country.